Heineken regrets, criticism, Chance the Rapper

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Heineken has responded to the criticism of Chance the Rapper. The rapper criticised on Twitter the commercial for Heineken Light. Change the Rapper calls the campaign slogan ’sometimes, lighter is better’ is not clear.

“The line ‘Sometimes lighter is better’ in the commercial refers to Heineken Light beer and nowhere else to” respond to John-Paul Schuirink, director global communication. “Some people in the United States have the phrase unfortunately interpreted differently, but of course, that was never the intention of the commercial. It’s about light beer.”

The commercial for Heineken Light shows a bartender who has a reluctant wife at the end of the bar to spot with binoculars. The light beer that he serves slides first along a black woman and a black musician before the bottle ends up in the woman who is the bartender in the visor had. If the woman is the beer takes follows the tagline: ’Sometimes the light, the better. Heineken Light is a brew for the foreign market and contains less calories and less alcohol.

Chance the Rapper suspects that some companies intentionally racist commercials on the market so they get more attention. On Twitter he indicates that he has therefore hesitated to pay attention to the ad, to donate. “But it must me from the heart. This commercial of Heineken is terribly racist.” The artist does not call for a boycott of the beer. “I notice just how often it happens, and I suspect that they are consumers and twitter users want to be provoked. I didn’t want to go on tweeting, but this is so bad that I cannot do otherwise.”

Schuirink: “The commercial is already in different countries, and this is the first time that we hear this.”

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