Hanny-D covert Petula Clark-classic

392940a642096b4441951d57a6aa2d6f - Hanny-D covert Petula Clark-classic

While her single ” Singing in the rain’ still unbroken does well, is Hanny-D again with a new production of ‘La nuit n’en finit plus.” This song took it, in fact, a dozen years ago, but she now has completely re-rework by the late Wim Claes, that there is a fantastic version of it that he didn’t be on the market to see appear, what Hanny-D very heavy falls. Wim kept namely a 60-tal productions for her, and this single is the last thing he finished.

A few month ago, also from her new album ‘The world belongs to the brave’. Meanwhile, Hanny-D is a very welcome guest on the Flemish stages where she is in her recognizable style of their own each action to an unseen ambiancefeest can turn. ‘La nuit n’en finit plus’ appeared at D & V that provided for streaming and download via all major internet portals.

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