Gerard Ekdom celebrates birthday on the radio

f9315b144ad1774a3a43f8d1f21eb1ab - Gerard Ekdom celebrates birthday on the radio

Gerard Ekdom has his fortieth birthday Monday morning celebrated with his listeners. The NPO Radio 2-dj gave a special broadcast of his ochtendshow from the bar of BNN-VARA.

Radio 2-dj Gerard Ekdom celebrates during the broadcast of his radio show Ekdom in the Morning of his fortieth birthday. For an extra festive touch, he has forty listeners of 40 years are invited to celebrate this anniversary.

Ekdom was all for the broadcast, surprised. Fellow dj Frank van ’t Hof had a limousine arranged that the forty-something to the studio.

For his show had Ekdom forty listeners forty years old, invited to the feast to celebrate. “Shared sorrow is half a sorrow. Then you can communicate with each other how it all goes,” said the year old dj. “It is a kind of therapy.”

Kensington was of the party. The band played live during the verjaardagsuitzending.

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