Friday the new album of Wim Soutaer

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This summer, the fifteen years ago that Wim Souter his monsterhit ‘All’ scored. This month brings Wim Soutaer a new song and a new album out. . “Take me by the hand,’ is not only the perfect successor of Weldon’s previous single ‘Waiting for Margot’, but also the harbinger of a brand new album ‘Connected’. Wim wrote both the text and the music of all thirteen songs. The result: an album where he with heart and soul to work, full of melodic and dreamy tracks.

In 2003, Flanders introduced to Wim Soutaer, after the third place finisher in the singing competition ‘Idol’. That same summer, ‘All’, the first single from Wim and immediately a hit. In the year 2018 has everyone the lyrics still without.
With his band Soulbrothers brings Wim every weekend legendary covers on stages throughout Flanders. All crept into the singer meanwhile also in the studio working on new music. The result is ‘Connected’, an album which is a very personal and sensitive side of the sympathetic singer is heard. His recent hits are supplemented with a lot of new work.

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