Foy: strange to be the subject of controversy are

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Claire Foy did not feel quite at her ease when she was to be the centre of a major controversy.

Earlier this week it was announced that she as an interpreter of Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown less earned than Matt Smith, that her husband Philip is playing. The storm of criticism that followed was Foy not at all tasty.

“It came as a surprise that I was to be the centre of the controversy. I always find it very strange somewhere the topic of” trusted the 33-year-old actress .

It was the first time that the British openly spoke about salarisrel at Netflix. The streaming service paid her male opponent more, since he had already known would be. It amazes Foy not that this explanation to a lot of furrowed eyebrows and led.

“I think it is no surprise that people in this story read it and thought: “hey, that’s a bit odd’,” notes the star further on. “But I know that Matt has the same thinking as I do; that it is the focal point of a discussion where you never have asked.”

The creators of The Crown promised that, after the resulting uproar, which is now, no player in the successerie more money than ‘The Queen’. A group of activists went a step further. They demanded that Smith was a part of his salary would give the movement Time’s Up, who fights against sexual abuse in the entertainment business.

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