Fourteen EU-countries Russians from

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BRUSSELS – Fourteen EU member states have Monday decided Russian diplomats from their country. That made EU president Donald Tusk in Brussels is known. It wasn’t that even more European countries in the coming days to follow with measures in response to the gifaanslag in the English Salisbury on a former Russian double agent.

Donald Tusk

Great Britain be already 23 diplomats out, and now also Germany, France, the Netherlands, Denmark and other countries. The measures are a response to the attack with a nerve agent in England to a Russian ex-spy Sergei Skripal. With the expulsion of the diplomats express their solidarity with Britain in the conflict.

The netherlands put two inlichtingenmedewerkers. Both Germany and France put four Russian diplomats. The Czech republic says three Russian diplomats the wait. Latvia has a Russian military attaché to know that he should depart and Lithuania put three diplomats. Ukraine sends thirteen diplomats back to Russia.

Earlier on Monday called the four EU-countries to the Russian ambassador in their country on the mat on the issue. They were Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. These European countries all have a border with Russia. At the European summit of last week, it was agreed that EU countries as a support for the British action against Russia to start their own business.

Russia denies any involvement in the attack at the beginning of march with a chemical substance that is ever in the former Soviet Union is developed. Moscow argues that the British who from the European Union want the issue of abuse to the relations between the EU and Russia to damage.

At an EU summit last week condemned the 28 , in the sharpest possible terms” the attack with zenuwaanval. They decided on co-ordinated measures.

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