First statue David Bowie revealed

97380576793f3952e20d6fbc4555d6a3 - First statue David Bowie revealed

In the British town of Aylesbury is a statue of David Bowie revealed. It is according to the BBC, the first Bowie-sculpture in the world.

Bowie joined in Aylesbury for the first time as Ziggy Stardust. Also he had two of his albums for the first time heard in the local music venue Frati. The club started a crowdfundingactie for the statue, and pulled the 100,000 pound (115,000€).

The image consists of various shapes and forms of the singer. David, in ordinary do smiles and looks at a number of his alter egos, including Ziggy Stardust, in front. Above the artwork hanging speakers, from which every hour a number of the in January 2016, deceased musician sounds.

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