First solo flight on F-16 goes almost wrong

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On your first solo flight with the F-16 is already a WARN alarm on your control panel. You would be less in your pants. But the 27-year-old Chipo appears to keep a cool head. Tuesday is in episode 2 to see how this newcomer on the F-16 is a powerful unit back under control trying to get. Just because it is his first solo flight, was that day for the recording of the series of F-16 special small cameras installed in Chipo’s cockpit. The ‘home movie’ is a real thriller, and suddenly in the middle of the flight, an alarm goes off. Chipo will be happy engine back in order, and after his landing and were treated to drinks and a wet suit. True to tradition he is on the tarmac natgespoten. Many are called to be F-16 pilot, still hitting but few pilots by the hard-hitting selection. Also Chipo has for years worked. Chipo: “When I was five, I went to airshows. I always wanted to be a fighter pilot. Today is my dream come true.”

Air shows continue to be important for the Belgian air force. F-16 also follow Gizmo, one of the best international demopiloten. He is flying on a airshow in Italy, where he and his ‘bak’, a hundred metres height to more than 300,000 spectators shows what a F-16 are all capable of. On the ground he is coached by Shell. Gizmo: “Permission have to be low to the ground to fly is something special, it is something that we do not every day.” Such an airshow requires even more concentration of F-16 pilots than normal.

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