First beslissingsmoment is reached in Blind Married

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Now she’s already one month married, all couples in the final phase of the experiment. Soon they will decide whether they stay in the marriage or not. For Mike and Marjoram is the Monday night already so far.

Last week, decided the couple to re-separate to live. To the pressure of the boiler. In order to recharge their batteries. To see if they other than don’t miss out. But they remain to each other, to see the final beslissingsmoment.

Marjolein: “each Other back a bit to get to know through dating, I’m still looking forward to it, in the hope that we can come to rest and is back to normal going to be able to do against each other”. “My feelings are very contradictory. One moment I think it’s a good decision has been to back apart to go and live, and the other time I doubt still,” said Mike.

How are Mike and Marjoram opposite each other, now they are down to do? The first beslissingsmoment on Monday, 26 march, offers a definite answer.

Meanwhile try the other couples steps in their relationship.

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