Fired waiter: “I’m not rude, I’m French

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VANCOUVER – A French waiter is going to resign at a restaurant in the Canadian Vancouver contest. According to the man, he is wrongly dismissed. His former employer claims that the waiter is too coarse. This denies the man strongly. His direct personality is due to his French origin.

Guillaume Rey has filed a complaint against Milestones Restaurants and its parent company at the mensenrechtentribunaal of British Columbia, the westernmost province of Canada. From October 2015 to August 2016, the waiter at Milestones Restaurants.

’Was not really’

The waiter worked with some regularity as shiftleider and had other waiters under his wing. It was, however, not really good between Rey and his colleagues.

The man received multiple warnings about the “rough and aggressive manner” when he put the staff treated. When he for the umpteenth time with someone to stick got, he was fired.

’Cultural differences’

According to Guillaume Rey was his “direct, honest and professional personal not interpreted correctly, according to the Canadian CBC. It was going to be a cultural difference. The waiter claims to have been fired because of his French culture which has a tendency to “more direct and more aggressive”.

The mensenrechtentribunaal the firm has adopted. He will be for the court to go to, to justify why he thinks that his “French heritage results in behavior that people may regard as a violation of the rules for acceptable behaviour in the workplace”, according to the court.

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