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Financial opdoffer for F1-team after ‘unsafe releases’

304848b27ed4fb3fb19c5bcc25ed9f53 - Financial opdoffer for F1-team after 'unsafe releases'

The American Haas F1 team after the end of the GP of Australia 10 000 dollar fine for so-called ‘unsafe releases’ during the race.

Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen drove to a fourth and fifth place before they make their pit stop afwerkten but both pit stops would be a drama mean for the American renstal.

During both pit stops became a wheel not properly mounted, and then Magnussen and Grosjean in the pit lane left and their car along the side of the track to town. Magnussen managed to do that on a reasonably safe place to do so, but Grosjean had his car along the side at the exit of the second bend. It also helped to ensure that the safety car on the track had to come.

The Haas F1 team got for both incidents a total fine of eur 10 000 Us dollars, which amounts to 5 000 dollars per so-called ‘unsafe release’. The fine was, however, much higher but the renstal gave both riders immediately the instruction to the car on the side. It also helped to ensure that the penalty ultimately reduced to a minimum continued.

The two pitstopincidenten, however, remain a ‘expensive’ case for the Haas F1 team. In addition to the fine may be the largest financial loss, after all, possible at the end of the season. Without the quizzes had the Haas F1 team, maybe as a fourth and a fifth finish and that would 22 world championship points have been.

The settlement at the end of the F1 season, the Haas F1 team is much more expensive than the 10 000-dollar fine. Depending on the position in the constructeurskampioenschap be there, after all, millions of euros of prize money handed out. A place higher or lower in the results of the championship can be several millions of euro’s difference.

Indeed, that 22 world championship points, the Haas F1 team is still very expensive to …

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