Ex-Belgian international: “the Red Devils escaped corruption-scandal’

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The Belgian national team in the past, escaped a corruption-scandal.

Stéphane Demol in action during the world cup in 1986.

Former Belgian international Stéphane Demol said in an interview with La Dernière Heure that he was during his time at the Red Devils a good proposal has got to be a contest to sell. Demol (now 52) was between 1986 and 1991 38 times for the Belgian national team, for which he scored at the world cup of 1986 in Mexico.


“I was 1 million Belgian francs (25,000 euros, ed.) get if I was willing to be an international of Belgium to counterfeit,” says the former defender. “That was a million in the black, while the premium that we profit gross 35.000 frank was. I have, of course, refused to allow the match to sell and we have the party ultimately won.”

Demol does not tell me what contest it is. “But the people need to be aware of the fact that such practices really exist in football. And that you sometimes have to be damn strong in your shoes should stand up to the financial proposal down next to you.”

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