Emergency exits and close to Russian shopping mall

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MOSCOW – A security official from the Russian shopping mall, where more than sixty people in a fire died, had the fire alarm off. There were also emergency exits from the building blocked, confirm staatsonderzoekers Monday.

Video footage of the fire to a free-standing building in the city of Kemerovo.

In a statement said the commission of inquiry that there are several serious defects were noted to the construction of the building and violations in the use of the winkelcentrumcomplex.

The death toll by the fire ran Monday to 64, reported the Russian news agency Tass. Among the dead are eleven children. Many of them found themselves on a playground in the complex, in the Siberian Kemerovo. Supposedly, the fire in the vicinity of that place.

According to Russian authorities, there are still sixteen of them. More than forty people were injured. The Russian deputy minister for Emergency situations, Vladlen Aksionov, said that constructions in some parts of the shopping center still smolder.

The police have three people arrested after the fire. Among the detainees would also be the director of the shopping centre.

Kemerovo is located about 3600 kilometers east of Moscow.

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