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Eden Hazard: “If I play behind,”

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Eden Hazard is rarely the point. Questions about his position at Chelsea, a contract extension, the criticism of Courtois and De Bruyne… He’s around them as a top keeper. “That I’m not happy would be as a number nine? Nonsense, I play even as left as the coach wants.”

A wink here, a joke there,… Is Eden Hazard ever bad mood? The captain of the Red Devils presented themselves at the press conference as always: the old situation and good-natured. Nevertheless, we felt that we over the past months to notice that he was not happy with his situation at Chelsea. As a ‘false nine’ in the striker runs he lost. And there he is not happy. But according to the Hazard we are mistaken there. “I play best like number nine,” says the Red Devil. “That is not the problem. It is different than playing at my normal position, but that is not to say that I don’t like to do. Number nine, number ten,… I even play as left as the coach wants.”

It seems more like a pose than the truth, but it is something that Hazard joined the Red Devils don’t should be concerned about. Roberto Martinez had already understood that it is not his intention is to Hazard as a deep striker to play. Where the dribbelkont also not worried about: his future at Chelsea. Thibaut Courtois and Eden Hazard had earlier this season already means that they have their future at The Blues to each other, and wanted to connect. Courtois has already said that he for the world CHAMPIONSHIPS clarity about his contractsituatie in London. This also applies for Hazard? “Look, I’m now first in the league with Chelsea on a good way to finish, than the world cup games and then I leave on vacation. We’ll see what happens next. I think not there yet. I’m still two years under contract at Chelsea, where I’m happy.”

“No mentaliteitsprobleem”

As captain of the Red Devils he was at the press conference also the statements of Thibaut Courtois and Kevin De Bruyne presented. They complained this week about the system and the mentality at the Red Devils. “Each player has his own opinion. But it is always easy to use it after a loss at the mentality of the players to cross. That is not a problem here. And the system is always the same. We know how we should play, we have players who can run.”

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