Digital bank robber, vending machines, money had spit out, picked up

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ALICANTE – The man who is supposedly behind a huge range of digital bankroven, was arrested in the Spanish Alicante. The gang of the man fell banks in more than forty countries with malicious software (malware). The damage amounts according to the European police office, Europol, more than a billion euros.

The identity of the suspect is not disclosed. The cyber criminals were still on the same way to work: first, they sent e-mails with infected attachments to employees of banks. These mails were supposedly from real companies. If an unsuspecting employee the attachment is opened, malicious software is installed. Thus, they could little by little to penetrate the it systems of banks.

’Money spit out’

The gang also got access to the servers to which atms can be controlled. They could be an automatic command to give money ‘to spit’. An accomplice stood next to that vending machine for the money. The software could also ensure that there is more money in a bank account seemed to stand, the balance was artificially inflated. That money allowed them to record and off.

The gang began in late 2013 with a malware Anunak is called. That was later improved. The new versions were called Carbanak and Cobalt. Among the countries affected are Belgium, Spain, Great Britain and Russia. The netherlands, as far as is known outside shot.

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