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Deminers, IS, infiltrators and lynching

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The tv-night in the character of the heavy crimes: from fiction about bombs and infiltrators to documentaries about the parents of IS-fighters and lynching.

Blown away (Caz, 20.40 – hours)

Action movie from 1994 in which Jeff ‘the Dude’ Bridges in the role of a ontmijner that a point put behind his career, but to deal with his own past.

The lost children of the Caliphate (NPO2 , 21-21.50 pm)

The Dutch-Turkish director / producer Sinan Can travel with Houssein to Syria. Houssein is the father of two children. They left him behind to go fight for an islamic caliphate in the Middle East. Now that extremist dream to smithereens is, Houssein in search of his lost family.

The infiltrator (VTM 21.45-22.40 hours)

Slot of the entertaining and with evident pleasure made thrillerreeks about a burgerinfiltrant. Geert Van Rampelberg does a wanhoopspoging with the loot to get to go. And with Natali Broods.

Love and hate crime (Canvas 22.55-23.50 pm)

The second episode of this British documentary series is about white teenagers that a black young man objected. It is like going to a historical documentary on the Mississippi of the early 60’s is watching, but it all happens now.

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