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Confident: Coach Saudi Arabia is not a dig at Red Devils

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1-1 was the Friday between Saudi Arabia and Ukraine. Long not bad. Coach Juan Antonio Pizzi dreams that his team against a professional country like Belgium also something can drop. “In Europe we are not known, no. That is something that our opponent might be worried.”

Rarely seen. A coach will be perschef overrulet and says that the journalists feel free to still an additional question, should not. Pizzi talking, but the language barrier, Spanish-English-Arabic prevents him somewhat. The Spaniard naturalized Spaniard however has a clear purpose with Saudi Arabia: will show at the world as an attractive, attacking team. “The match against Belgium stands before us fully the character of that world cup,” says the coach. “We want to against a team that boasts the best players in world football are trying to play. Therefore we have the necessary weapons.”

Fourth international competition for Pizzi

Pizzi will not tomorrow aangraven. The coach believes that the Red Devils difficult will be able to create with his beloved recipe: offensive and technically cared for football with a lot of high pressing. An almost utopian idea against a topploeg as that of Belgium. “It’s just our football,” says the coach of the saudis, themselves only his fourth international match. “It is our intention to get the ball and then start playing. Or to that ball as high as possible to conquer. Our players are barely known in Europe, although the Asian level already achieved a lot. Maybe that’s an advantage for us. Our ignorance is something that our opponents concerned about.” And so also Belgium.

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