Coach: “If you saw how Ronaldo it ran…’

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Coach Ronald Koeman saw how Feyenoorder Tonny Vilhena directly the tone in the won duel (3-0) with Portugal.

Tonny Vilhena is going to be hard on Cristiano Ronaldo.

The midfielder, who against Portugal as a kind of full-played, picked up early in the match Cristiano Ronaldo as considerably. The crack of Real Madrid, immediately sent notice not served, but Vilhena gave no kick.

“I think it’s normal what Tonny did”, said Koeman with a smile towards Veronica. “Also, Ronaldo should be addressed, and that you can do to Tonny leave. I remember it from my time at Feyenoord. In addition, you saw that the Portuguese thought that they were going to save, but the step had to switch.”

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