Claire Foy responds to salarisophef The Crown

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The commotion about the salary that Claire Foy received for The Crown, the actress is not surprised. To Entertainment Weekly, tells the British that it seems odd it felt to the subject of the controversy.

Matt Smith and Claire Foy

Earlier this month, made the producers of the Netflix series announced that Claire, despite her starring role as queen Elizabeth paid less had been than her colleague Matt Smith, that prince Philip played. This was, according to them, because Matt, for The Crown began, a more familiar name because of his role in Dr. Who. Critics, however, as yet another example of the salarisverschillen between men and women in the entertainment business that has been a topic of discussion.

Claire did not respond substantively on the matter, but in the ensuing uproar. On the question of whether she looked up from the relletje, replied the actress: “I did not, because it is a drama with a female lead. I’m not surprised that people have that story read and thought: that is a bit weird.” Claire has the commotion apparently with her colleague discussed. “I know Matt on here has the same feel as I: that it is very crazy to the topic of a discussion where you are not asked for.”

The producers of The Crown have now promised that in the coming seasons there will be no more money than The Queen. For Claire and Matt has no consequences; their roles will be in the next series taken over by other actors. Olivia Colman will in seasons 3 and 4 the queen play. For a replacement for Matt is still sought.

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