Claim against BMW after cut off thumb

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New York – A 61-year-old man that his thumb is partially lost by the self-closing door of his BMW, claiming compensation from the German manufacturer.

Archieffote of a BMW X5

Godwin Now, from Long Island in America leaned against his black X5 while the door an inch or thirty yet. His right hand rested on the door jamb. The automatic deurensluiter entered into force, and cut off the thumb of your right hand Now, literally.

The software developer went still with his thumb in the hand to the hospital. There, they said that turning was impossible. Lawyer, Avi Cohen calls the door of the X5 in the New York Post ” nothing less than a guillotine’. According to the lawyer, any good design does not.

Even after two intensive surgeries has Now, still a lot of pain and his hand is much thicker than normal. “It is as if there is someone knives puts in so much pain still. The right-handed American says a lot to have problems with his work, but also normal things like tie his shoe or buttons of his shirt.

According to the defence counsel knew BMW that a time could go wrong.

The car manufacturer wants, as long as the lawsuit is not to comment, writes the newspaper.

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