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Captain Sofie Hendrickx takes farewell of the Belgian Cats

d8b3906c4d68faae895006fbcb54b161 - Captain Sofie Hendrickx takes farewell of the Belgian Cats

The almost 32-year-old Sofie Hendrickx takes after more than ten years retired from the Belgian Cats. In the last few years was the 1m87 big power forward successfully as a captain in the Belgian Cats. They start not with the preparation towards the world CHAMPIONSHIPS of Tenerife (from 22 to 30 september).

“The bronze medal last year at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in the Czech Prague is a beautiful high point. There are also young talents coming up so I it is appropriate for me to step aside,” said Sofie Hendrickx. They won two weeks ago at the Cup of Belgium with Names and will next season be professional in first class to stay active. “Maybe I’ll stay with Names. My preference goes out to a team of European plays,” said Hendrickx, who is also internationally the French Angers and Toulouse, the Italian Venice and the Swedish Lulea was active. In 2007, she was with the Young Cats and at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS U21 in the Russian capital, Moscow fifth. Sofie Hendrickx was in 2006 and 2010, in the referendum of The Newspaper voted Belgian Player of the Year.

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