Blind Married: Marjoram and Mike get a divorce

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It did not: the marriage of Marjorie Faes and Mike Van Ryssel is on and off. The two decided after less than five weeks of marriage to get a divorce. Mike and Kathy said in november with a resounding “yes” and shared that beautiful moment with the tv-looking Flanders.
The first meeting of Mike and Marjoram was a shot in the rose. Literally from the first second they showed each other no more loose, and the sparks splashing, even during their wedding, of. Unfortunately, after only downhill and how. Marjoram and Mike donderden of their pink cloud, the annoyances of names is constantly growing, and it seemed that the between Marjoram and Mike would not last.

Mike was at his wedding immediately enthusiastic and also Marjoram was that: “I was immediately completely at ease. I said “OK, Mike, I can be myself”. And the stress fell immediately from my shoulders. We don’t stop to talk, laugh and us laugh. Delicious”. Also during the photo shoot for some beautiful wedding photos showed the two to each other, not disconnect. Marjolein: “It feels very familiar to Mike to hold and a hug to give. This is such a little home. I hope that feeling continues and that it only becomes stronger.” “Take hold of her for the pictures was no problem. At a certain moment, said to the photographer, even that I her less had to cuddle”, laughed Mike. But during the honeymoon went wrong. Thoroughly wrong even.

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