Bizarre orange snow covered Eastern Europe

d4ccf276ad726c76139b4fe6f6780064 - Bizarre orange snow covered Eastern Europe

SOCHI – “Yellow” snow we all know, but the population of a large part of Eastern Europe had this color of the atmospheric phenomenon not yet witnessed: several places are covered with orange snow.

People from parts of Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania and Moldova share on social media en masse photos of the orange snow. In the Russian ski resort of Sochi – where the winter Olympics of 2014 were held – attracts the population, even the comparison with the apocolyps. This is reported in the Russian RT.

But what is really going on? According to experts, happens to be orange-phenomenon once in five years. Metereoloog Steven Keats says that it is due to a combination of opstuivend sand from the desert and wind. “There are a lot of sand loose from North Africa and the Sahara through sandstorms. As the sand is lifted to the upper levels of the atmosphere, it will spread elsewhere,” he says against The Independent.

Black snow

He continues: “If it is raining or snowing, can the atmosphere of this pick up and drop at any time, any place, if there is only sand in the vicinity.”

In January, said residents of a town in Kazakhstan that air pollution produced by the local iron and steel industry, the surface had covered with black snow.

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