Bayern: Lewandowski remains 100 percent sure

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MUNICH – Robert Lewandowski plays for 100 percent sure next season at Bayern Munich. That promise did chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge in the German voetbalblad Kicker. “I go out there like a bet for.”

Robert Lewandowski

Lewandowski (29) is in the interest of Real Madrid. Several Spanish and German media reported earlier this month that the Polish striker even though, the outline agreement would be with the winner of the Champions League, to a contract. Lewandowski, however, until mid-2021 stuck in Munich, and Bayern wants to be topschutter under no circumstances lost. ,,Robert is extremely important for our team and perhaps the best number 9 in Europe”, said Rummenigge.

To his point of view but to emphasise, once again, referred the president of Bayern to a situation of ten years ago. Chelsea offered then 80 million euro plus defender José the tangerines within inches for Franck Ribéry. ,,A insane offer, but we rejected. No one can be against our will a player buy from us.”

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