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Also Mouscron gets Thai owner

9942ab9b90711c6ee582789a10069a88 - Also Mouscron gets Thai owner

After OH Leuven and KV Kortrijk is now Mouscron in Thai hands. The first division is being taken over by businessman Pairoj Piempongsant. A strategic move with a view to the achievement of a license, it seems, as the Thai is good friends with strong man and Pini Zahavi. Because Zahavi football agent, he may, strictly speaking, is not the owner of Les Hurlus.

That Mouscron the news precisely now disclose, is not accidental. The club has each year hard license to get. In addition, rest there for two years already serious suspicions on the origin of the financial resources of Latimer, the Maltese fund that was the owner of Mouscron.

Pairoj Piempongsant is a former business partner of Zahavi. For that reason it seems likely that agents Pini Zahavi and the Albanian Fali according to the ap, the paste will continue to wave at Le Furthermore.

Piempongsant is, incidentally, a name like a bell in the English football world. Ten years ago, he played a decisive role in the sale of Manchester City by Thai ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra to the sheikhs of Abu Dhabi.

Through the acquisition, at this time, 8 of the 24 professional clubs in our country Asian owners.

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