Album Zayn on the kick after the break with Gigi

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Zayn Malik would most of the songs from his upcoming album have been deleted now his relationship with Gigi Hadid is over. According to Daily Mail went to a lot of songs about the half-Dutch supermodel.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik

The two made early this month that their relationship after over two years on the cliffs was gone. Although they did know that the fracture is a joint decision was made, would especially Zayn who love faces. That would also be the reason why he songs about Gigi does not want to release.

“Zayn has been working for eighteen months on the album, and the largest part thereof, he was hoteldebotel of Gigi, so there he wrote about. There are all kinds of songs about their love and passion. That is now painful for him,” says a source of the newspaper.

According to the insider, the 25-year-old singer busy with the writing of the replacement music, which is about the break-up with Gigi. He would hope that this creative process helps him with the process of his heartbreak.

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