Actors need to be part of the profit get

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Actors now have to be compensated in proportion to the profits of the film or series result. That explains Economy minister Kris Peeters. There remain, however, exceptions exist, including for ‘non-substantial roles’.

Artists get at this time, often a lump-sum fee, not allowing them to share in the profits if the project becomes successful. However, the producers required to have a proportional remuneration to be paid to artists. To contract can, however, be changed.

Peeters now prohibits contractual deviation. Actors must be proportionally paid out, though there are now exceptions as possible. For the supporting roles can be deviated from the system, so it is tonight with the cabinet-Peeters. Also if there is a good collective agreement is made with the entire cast there may still be a flat-rate paid.

A second measure for the compensation to improve is that the producer now should be transparent about the revenues that a project generates. At least once a year, he must provide information about the manner of exploitation, the revenues and the fees. If the compensation agreed upon, not in proportion to the success of the actor for an additional fee.

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