4 EU countries to recall ambassador to Russia on mat

f4ff43b633c4c2d577c78d6564acef51 - 4 EU countries to recall ambassador to Russia on mat

MOSCOW – Four EU-countries, the Russian ambassador in their country found itself called. Russian media reports that the ambassadors in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland on Monday to the ministry of Foreign Affairs there are established. The Eastern European countries all have a border with Russia.

The Russian embassy in the Latvian Riga.

It is assumed that the four countries this measures against Russia in connection with the assassination attempt early this month in the South-English of Salisbury. There are a former Russian double agent, Sergei Skripal, and his daughter at the beginning of this month got in touch with an exceptional type of nerve gas that was once in the Soviet Union is developed. The stuff has not killed, but they are in a coma. London accuses the Kremlin of them behind here. Russia denies involvement.

At the European summit of last week, it was agreed that EU countries as a support for the British action against Russia to start their own business.

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