Zombierol saved Drew Barrymore from ’dark valley’

9002ed00579e0de43be61a73642a1db6 - Zombierol saved Drew Barrymore from ’dark valley’

The role in the horrorkomedieserie Santa Clarita Diet seemed to be on a totally wrong moment to arrive, when Drew Barrymore precisely by its separation in 2016 is already in a deep valley sat. But it is her salvation.

Drew Barrymore at the premiere of the second season of Santa Clarita Diet

“I was already a few years stopped acting because my kids wanted to educate,” she says in a preview of an interview for Sunday Today. “But then it turned my life one hundred and eighty degrees and I separated from the father of Olive and Frankie, Will Kopelman. It was a very difficult time. I felt in a very dark and fearful valley. Then came the script for Santa Clarita Diet and I thought: ’Nah, I don’t think this is a good time’.”

But it turned out the timing of the show is surprisingly perfect. Drew continues: “Sometimes when you think something is a very bad idea and extremely poorly timed, it may just be something that you save and that you are from the valley draws and your new focus and gives power. It shifts you jammed thoughts and feelings to something else where your attention should focus. And eventually, you end up just get back into a healthier mindset.”

In Santa Clarita Diet plays the hollywood star alongside Timothy Olyphant; she plays his zombievrouw, that yearns for human flesh. The Netflix series is in America, just his second season and is also in the Netherlands via Netflix.

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