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You know after this episode who the mole is? Sorry, that is impossible

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You can after one episode claim that you know who the quantity belazert at ‘The mole’, but then we speak of – excusez le mot – hoerenchance. In contrast to previous seasons, the candidates are more versatile in the picture and they can from the outset be working well together.

“I’m also going to look at a spelleke participate. See me lie here.’ Driver Jeffrey is one of the few candidates who (have to?) stays calm when he discovered that he was living begravend is in a wooden coffin somewhere in the lair of Mexico. Priest Peter curses immediately. ‘Fuck’ will also be in the nothing loss in which blasphemous woordwatervallen still out of his mouth will flow in the course of the episode.

When Gilles De Coster explains that the candidates themselves in duo’s should try to liberate, it is immediately obvious where the priorities lie for some.

  • “Yes, hello, everything okay with you?” At the office, they may be reassured: Bahador is a schijnbeleefde financial recruiter in the chest.
  • “Let’s agree that we are “about” to say at the end of our message’ , Also a naval officer Pascal can make her work difficult to let go.
  • “I’m here hot. And I’m claustrophobic… well, everybody knows about it.” Katrien, that Pascal needs to communicate, it has enough of the bossy sound of Pascal for the two each other in person have seen. That promises to be. From the chest get with a simple tip seems too suspicious to be difficult for the event manager.
  • “I have here a sign with your name on it and will start reading’ At vet Joke should go forward. All she says, however, first against Steve that there is no tip in the flashlights, to ten minutes later, however, to admit that they had to look for.
  • ‘Jeffrey, I have here a picture of you. It may be that you are not as much as her?” Social assistant Channy thought initially that she was selected for a fetishistic remake of Blind married, but once the coffins opened up, it came good.
  • “I am therefore of the Lloyd. Lloyd, yes, Lloyd.’ Because it is very important to have the name of the person that you get out of your coffin must hit to be able to correctly pronounce it.

Just as politely as the kennismakingen underground, are the interactions above ground when most of the candidates from their graves are liberated. (And as a Joke, and Steve for the longest time under the ground, does that say that they like being in the dark, like a traitor, like… a mole?) Nobody gives a wrong number on to Joke and Steve to free. Hooray, the chests can be open! ‘They are somewhere else. Fuck.’

During the search for the right location, run Jeffrey a showy orange arrow over and wants to Bahador very much like each time the wrong direction. Kelly is doing so hard its best, that the vingerdik on top is that they are no different than bloedeerlijk. The candidates to be four minutes late to Joke and Steve dig up, seems especially Lloyd (exaggerated?) dramatically very to find. Write down in your mollenboekje: all this time layers of Pascal and Katrien simply in their grave to meditate.


During the car ride to our hotel, you can secret tips find in the bottle of Joke, but just enjoy the clumsy conversation between Katrien and Pieter is a must. Pieter: “I am glad that I live am buried. As a priest, I now know truly what it is hey, at my next funeral. I can say: “For your bompa is not as bad as me then,” yes.”

You are then asked Her ‘whether there are gays or lesbians sit in the car’. ‘Alé yes, or yes, I don’t know hey… Oh, no, you were a priest. Of course!’ As Katrien with that ‘attention’ The mole can win, then eat our shoe.


Ask this question to your friends you know where you stand: “We are going to shortly together of a cliff going down, how are we going to do?” You expect a tactic, a reassurance, a pat on the back. There, you can then best not come running to Joke. She has some encouraging words for the driver, Jeffrey, who turned it pulls away even before he is on the edge of the cliff: “I’m not going to take care of you hey, I’m going to say it. Are you afraid?” That competitive spirit gives her a special envelope, though we know not yet what in the hell is responsible.

Much more encouraging are the images of priest Peter, that the number of ‘fucks’ and ‘fucking hells’ significantly increases, but his fear is overcome and the bottom hits. For Katrien, who with a lot of ‘hoo’ and ‘hu’ laps, he can just not care at that moment. Katrien is, however, a tough aunt, and she too is glad when the ground under her feet feel.


But you are still wondering why, despite all the information that you get during this episode are still not confident you can tell who the mole is? The answer can be found in the second command, where the candidates have a band to follow and in the meantime, for that band to their tussenhalte will pass any jobs to do. Joke and Kelly fail gloriously with their dominoblokjes, but the basketbalproef and the hilarious “who am I” -trial are successful.

Despite the fact that these people each other two days, they can work together. That could be the candidates in South Africa, last season, for example, not at all. Pascal also three times after Steve suggests that they ” Pamela Anderson is in the game, yet still two times ‘Melania Trump’ try it, it is certainly not onverdacht. And Pieter, “Donaldo Trumpo’ so fast that the chance that the mole is shrinking. But in the end it boils down to is that the group is a large part of the money brings, just by remarkably well in the tests.

The mole it is difficult in such a group, and will have his or her most sophisticated sabotage out to the groepspot empty to be robbed. But we like that.


In the end Kelly was the first group to leave after they close for the elimination still excited had said, ” I don’t want to go home. I want more. I am not yet played out.’ A hard verdict, but the psychologist, who during her interview in Four even admitted that they can’t win from her seven-year-old son, Stratego, takes peace.

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