White House approves demonstrations of hundreds of thousands of Americans good

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The White House has the massive demonstrations of hundreds of thousands of Americans that Saturday argued against gun violence was approved. Estimated to be more than a million people around the world have argued for better wapenwetten.

“We welcome the fact that so many young, brave Americans their American rights claim’, replied Lindsay Walters, spokeswoman for the White House. “It is an absolute priority of our president to the lives of our children are safe.’

Walters assured that president Donald Trump to do everything to strengthen wapenwetten. She was referring to the, albeit small, tightening of the arms legislation. Trump wants a ban on so-called “bump stocks”, a type of flask that on a semi-automatic rifle can be mounted, allowing this gun to fully automatic can fire.

Right numbers are not there, but observers estimate that there are worldwide more than a million people on Saturday demonstrated against the increasing gun violence in the United States. Especially young people and students took the lead and spoke to the masses during the March of Our Lives. The most remarkable passage was that of the granddaughter of Martin Luther King in Washington.

There was no talk of a ‘mars’. The hundreds of thousands of protesters stood in one long row, one behind the other, of the White House to the Capitol. According to the first estimates, was 800,000 protesters.

Also outside of USA

In New York, according to mayor Bill de Blasio, as some 150,000 protesters. Further names include Boston, Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Minneapolis and Saint Paul still thousands of people participated in the March of Our Lives. “We are going to make our voices heard, with each following election, in every state, in every city,” says a protesting participant.

In total there were more than 800 similar rallies are planned. Not only in American cities were demonstrators en masse on the streets to gun violence to reject. There were also demonstrations in Berlin, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Mumbai, London and Sydney.

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