Wenger has trouble with ageism in speculation about future

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Arsène Wenger frustrated that his age of influence is in the speculations about his future at Arsenal. The 68-year-old manager of the London club, only wants his results to be assessed.

“As you get older, you have to focus on to do well for the club and you ignore all of the others. The older you get, the more ageism,” says Wenger, who himself does not intend to leave, at beIN Sports.

“I accept it as there are consequences to be attached to the results if that are not good,” he continues. “But I have trouble with the recurring stories about how long you are at the club and how old you are. I have to accept it, because I have a public function and have the results books. I accept the if I be judged.”

Wenger is already since 1996 the bank at Arsenal, that this season isn’t performing well. The ‘Gunners’ are still active in the quarter-finals of the Europa League, but are in the Premier League after thirty duels in a disappointing sixth place.

Arsenal ran last season’s Champions League all wrong and this season seems to be qualification for the European miljardenbal via the league is almost impossible. The backlog at number four Tottenham Hotspur with eight matches to go thirteen points. Arsenal can still be a place for the Champions League through the Europa League to win.

The disappointing performance, Wenger also this season, a lot of criticism. Thus, it is the question of whether the Frenchman after this season is still the coach of Arsenal.


The contract of Wenger at the English club runs until the summer of 2019. According to German media, Thomas Tuchel ‘The Professor’ follow-up to the dertienvoudig champion.

It is not yet clear when that exactly is going to happen. The German trainer would Wenger after this season can redeem, but that would be only in 2019, the case may be.

Tuchel was the end of may fired as coach of Borussia Dortmund. Since then, he’s without a club. With Dortmund won the coach of the German cup in 2017.

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