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Videosnack: Bert van Leeuwen sings Daughters with It Takes 2

Bert van Leeuwen made his debut as a singer in the season opener of It takes 2 and opted for the fragile Marco Borsato song Daughters.


Advance ” britton said that he himself as lijstduwer of the program and saw that his participation in the home caused a fuss was made. That Bert is not the biggest singing talent has been lost, is not to deny. It was on Twitter, his courage and courage admired for such a vulnerable and sensitive Folk song to be played.

Romy Monteiro

In the first episode of It takes 2 to assess the three coaches blind the zangprestaties of the candidates. Bert had hoped to Trijntje Oosterhuis to come, but her choice fell on Leo Alkemade even though she was fascinated by the sound that Lions beaked. Eventually, the 58-year-old EO-icon in the team of the 25-year-old Romy Monteiro as well was happy to have her NPO colleagues to see and there is room for improvement saw. And heard.

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