Timeline: The tumultuous months of Samantha ‘Barbie’ de Jong

42b17a2ceca74238c3c6fba853338f1e - Timeline: The tumultuous months of Samantha 'Barbie' de Jong

Since her suicide attempt in January is Samantha ‘Barbie’ de Jong (28) almost continuously in the news. She was admitted to the hospital, saw relationships to be broken, or bloom again, saw her children move out and it was leaking a types of xxx sex. put everything in a glance.

Friday January 12: The Young rushed to the hospital

De Jong is on Friday morning rushed to the hospital. Later it is revealed that she attempted suicide. Her ex-husband Michael van der Plas, with whom she has two children, takes a direct plane from his hometown of Spain to the Netherlands.

Tuesday 16 January: excessive drug use

Michael van der Plas shows in an interview to RTL Boulevard know that the circumstances are going well with Barbie. “It is now wait and see. They now all need a rest,” says Van der Plas.

Meanwhile, reports Jake Hampel, who at that time not clear is whether he is well or not the manager is of The Young, that the realityster on January 12, outside of consciousness touched by excessive drug use. “She has the consequences of the separation is not well overlooked”, says Hampel, among more against the AD. “And the outside world can easily talk. You must still be quite strong if you’re a single mother with two children left behind, and not quite know how to proceed.”

Tuesday 30 January: the suicide attempt of The Young

At the end of January, let The Young for the first time themselves about what happened. “Everywhere I read that I was a bad mother and the whore play. I could no longer handle it and I am at a given moment by yourself come to believe that my children are without me, perhaps, would be better off”, please let them know to The Telegraph.

Also she says that she is on the conscious Friday morning her children wegbracht to her mother, and then they have a combination of drugs and medications, and self-mutilated with a knife. An aunt who she called, and alerted the emergency services and her mother. The Young stay in the meantime in a clinic.

Wednesday 31 January: The Young let make abortion

A day later comes out that The Young during her relationship with porn actor and attendant Rolf Tangel is pregnant of him. After seven weeks, let them make abortion.

Thursday 15 February: new love for Michael

Michael van der Plas talks about his new relationship with the 22-year-old Naomi from Haarlem. Van der Plas does not have contact with The Young. “She does her thing and we do our thing. The only thing for which we are in contact with, the children. I now have my life with Naomi.”

Wednesday 21 February: children to Spain

Van der Plas and tells Private that he provisionally for the children that he had with The Young: Angelina and Milan go to Spain. “It is perhaps the most difficult decision of her life, but I think at the same time the wisest,” he says.

Saturday 24 February: return types of xxx sex

De Jong says a report going to do because a types of xxx sex is leaked in which she is seen. The person responsible for the distribution of the film was in contact with The Young, sought and demanded a “substantial sum” to the recording, not to the outside. When The Young here not went, was the video brought out.

Friday 2 march: relationship with Jordi Ossel over

The early relationship between The Young and Jordi Ossel is over. “Samantha and I have decided to quit, because this is not going to work”, let Ossel know to News. “I get so much negativity about me, I did not want this any more. Unfortunately, I had not willed it so, but it is for us not to play.”

Tuesday 6 march: no declaration for types of xxx sex

Jake Hampel says against RTL Boulevard that The Young for the time being not to report due to the leaked sekstape, because at that time “a great emotional impact” would have. “She has all weighed against each other and chosen to be on her recovery to work and everything behind.”

Wednesday 14 march: The Young and Tangel back together

De Jong tells in an extensive interview with the Story that she and Rolf Tangel be together again. She decided her ex back to look after her relationship with Ossel was stranded. “After that nightmare with Jordi I have seen that Rolf is the only man with whom I’m really feeling happy. I know that we always together will stay.”

Continue doing the realityster a book open on her (ex) manager Jake Hampel. “Jake is a liar. The worst part of all is that everyone that is man with his runaway fantasies still believe in also. I am weary of him. I also don’t understand that the media let him continue to call while they already know that I september last year with him have broken, after he me for many years had besodemieterd.”

Wednesday 14 march: The Young and Tangel still not together

Later, on march 14, appears to News the message that there’s still nothing seems to knock of the relationship between The Young and Tangel. “We are friends”, let the realityster know.

Wednesday march 21: Jake Hampel stops

Jake Hampel announces that on 21 march as the manager and spokesperson of Barbie to work. After the statements of Barbie in the Story a week earlier, he was still on the realityster, but now it is finally over. “The contact was to the last breath, energy consuming, contradictory and confusing.”

Friday, march 23: Jake Hampel wants to be a single side of the story to tell

Ex-manager Jake Hampel in the Telegraph to “pretty disappointed” in De Jong. “In the eight years that I’ve coached, got Sam more attention than my two own sons and daughter.” He is frustrated that he as a liar is dropped and wants in his last spokesman “his heart skies”.

According to Hampel, he was once spokesman after the attempted suicide of The Young, in consultation with the family, Van der Plas and RTL. “And it may be said, because that is very nice of them, that RTL this cost has taken. That they offered, I did not ask for it.”


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