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There is going to be done in The Passion

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The passion promises this year more music-minded than ever. In addition to many well-known Dutch songs for the first time done during the large-scale tv show.

Slowly but surely, more details are known about the implementation of the 2018 edition of The passion, this year from the Bijlmer.


Earlier it was announced that a Hazes classic is on the program, but Jesus-interpreter Tommie Christiaan reveals in an interview with The Telegraph more musical surprises. So Jesus does a mash-up with his disciples, Peter and Judas: “Here are the songs Who has the sun out of your face taken by Herman van Veen, I live my own life of Andre Hazes, a own written rap of Brainpower that Peter plays. Brainpower is completely in his comfort zone as he raps. It is the first time that it is done in The Passion.”


Other tracks that pass in review are Cry well of Dress!, I fall of singer Wudstik and with a special Bijlmerkoor sings Tommie also Dream, dare, and part of Marco Borsato. In addition, he sings a duet with Graziëlla Hunsel Rivero, a jazz singer who, during The passion , the role of bloedvloeiende woman plays, that healing was by the cloak of Christ to touch.

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The passion is Thursday 29 march from 20: 35 hours on NPO 1.

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