The three major channels are ready for

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Sunday is the day: a historic day in tv-land. For the very first time on a Sunday night, the three major Flemish broadcasters to the full. With The 3 Point and Feel for a Tumor on One, Farmer seeks Wife on VTM and The Mole on Four. That last fact in an extra-large transmission, while in VTM, the kick-off with the presentation of the five farmers is spread over two times 45 minutes. If you have but five farmers, a total of ninety minutes a very long time. Who is going to win? It depends on how you look at it. The Mole will, perhaps, not the most viewers, but with the youngest. The 3 Point has a predominantly older profile, and of Farmer Seeks Wife, we know that the last seasons of that program, and no outliers among the younger target groups. Our forecast? We are gambling on 500,000 for Farmer Seeks Wife, 700.000 for The 3 Point and 750.000 for The Mole. Monday morning, we know the exact numbers.

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