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Stoffel Vandoorne: “This is a great start of the F1 season”

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The belgian Stoffel Vandoorne finished during the GP of Australia as the ninth and scored immediately his first points of the new F1 season. Vandoorne looks back with a good feeling on the race.

After Vandoorne during the qualification for the twelfth time had driven, he was allowed by the gridstraf for Valtteri Bottas in the race on the eleventh place position. Just behind team-mate Fernando Alonso made our fellow countryman, a pretty good start and he remained then from the problems in the first bochtencombinatie.

Vandoorne drove afterwards a solid race but had some bad luck during the virtual safety car. He lost some time and a few positions, which he eventually ended up as ninth on the finish line.

“It is a great result for the team to have both cars today in the points. It is a big difference compared to last year and I think we have huge potential for the future,” said Vandoorne. “I had some bad luck at the virtual safety car, as I think I more to for had been able to finish the race. I think, however, that we for the end of the new season very happy.”

“I am very optimistic for the rest of the year. We know that this season, more is coming and our partnership with Renault is still very new. This was our first race together and we know that in the coming races, new parts are on their way. I hope that we also on the circuit can show. The basis is good. We have a few things to work on and now we should better continue to be so as to perform better and more points to achieve.”

Vandoorne was also very satisfied with the racesnelheid that McLaren during the grand prix of Australia could show.

“Our performance during the race was pretty good. We were fighting with cars from the Renault and Red Bull, which is positive. I think that there is certainly some margin for progression,” said Vandoorne.

“This is a great start of the season, and after this race, I have the feeling that there is a lot of potential for the future. We need as a team to be ambitious and I am looking forward to the next race.”

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