Singing CELEBRITIES attract 1.1 million viewers

2909f2950d8218994cd218fab95fa3e9 - Singing CELEBRITIES attract 1.1 million viewers

The hitherto unknown singing skills of Bert van Leeuwen, Jörgen Developing, Marieke Elsinga and other CELEBRITIES have Saturday a lot of attention drawn to it. More than 1.1 million television viewers voted on the new season of It Takes 2, according to figures from the Foundation for sight examination.

Marieke Elsinga is one of the participants of It Takes 2

It Takes 2, in which CELEBRITIES with no or very little singing experience sing, is on the sixth place of the kijkcijfertop. In addition to Bert, Jörgen and Marieke take Robin Martens, Leo Alkemade, Mika van Leeuwen, Eva Cleven, Evi Hanssen and Dionne Slagter part in the third season of the RTL 4-zangshow. In the coming weeks they will work under the guidance of professionals Trijntje Oosterhuis, Romy Monteiro or Di-rect lead singer Marcel Veenendaal to their golden keeltje.

The singing CELEBRITIES have explained it in terms of viewing figures against the magic of Victor Mids. It started with Mindf*ck more than 2.1 million viewers to NPO 1, and is therefore good for second place in the kijkcijfertop. The list is topped by the NOS Journaal 20: 00 hours, that almost 2.2 million viewers attracted. The second episode of the final season of The Quiz makes the top three complete with over 1.5 million viewers.

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