Shoes Cruyff sold for 30,000 euros

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The last pair of football boots that Johan Cruyff in his life wore, Saturday auction for 30,000 euros.

Johan Cruijff died two years ago.

That took place at a gala of the Sunday Foundation in Rotterdam. With the proceeds is building that foundation in Sierra Leone, a school for disabled children and orphans who now have no education.

“We are very pleased with the amount, this is a nice school to drop”, says Sander de Kramer of the respective foundation. “Johan was very concerned with the fate of these children.” The school in Sierra Leone is Johan and Danny Cruyff Building called and will soon be opened by Danny himself, says Kramer.

The auctioned kicksen are literally Cruijffs latest football boots. Not the last in his active career, but the last in his life. “He has not so crazy long for his death is still a game played on it,” says Kramer. “Somewhere in Spain, between two teams of veterans. You can the print of his feet are still there.” The legendary ‘number 14’ died on march 24, 2016.

The shoes were bought by the owner of the factory that created them. Who had promised the amount for are feeling low would fall out. The offer (,,From all over the world offered people”) remained stuck at 27.500 euros, after which the manufacturer, there are 30,000 of made, says Kramer.

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