SBS deletes Fat Fit already after three episodes

4ca6de63d6e1bc565e3e43553e4d261c - SBS deletes Fat Fit already after three episodes

Afvalshow Fat Fit disappear after three episodes of the tube. The elimination race of René Froger, Brace, Anne-Marie Jung, and O G3NE attracted too few viewers to SBS6. The CELEBRITIES, however, continue to work on a fitter and tighter version of itself.

Brace, Anne-Marie Jung, OG3NE and Rene Froger during the kick off of the new SBS6 program Fat Fit.

“On tv is Fat Fit unfortunately too little viewed”, the program team on Facebook. “But we are going online by the 100 days Fit Challenge complete!” René, Brace, Anne-Marie and the three sisters of the O G3NE have the team let us know to continue with their elimination race. News goes weekly updates ” as to how our CELEBRITIES are going’.

Fat Fit, that was presented by Irene Moors, went on the march 6, meager to start with 348.000 viewers. The second episode drew 242.000 viewers, last Tuesday voted in favour of 312,000 viewers on the lijnprogramma.

Instead of Fat Fit is Tuesday, even extremely rich, so Poor show on SBS6. The program, in which a wealthy family for a week of accommodation, and budget changes with a less fortuinrijk household, drew previously, an average of 1 million viewers.

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