Ronnie Flex wins the Dutch Kids’ Choice Award

e84cd71d7bff68b47e5b4393bd34efee - Ronnie Flex wins the Dutch Kids' Choice Award

Ronnie Flex, the Dutch Kids’ Choice Award in the wait dragged. He was during the big live-broadcast on Nickelodeon chosen to be the Favourite Star in the Netherlands.

The cast of twelfth grade, received for the second time in a row the award for Favorite TV series in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Laura Tesoro was the Favorite Star of Belgium ” is issued. The Favorite Internet Star for the Netherlands and Belgium went to Girlys Blog. That meant that Shane Kluivert and Bibi floundering.

The green slijn-shower went this year to Q3.

Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, during a spectacular live-show of all the international winners will be announced. Among other things Demi Lovato, Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, and Stranger Things fell in the prices.


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