Rap of Brainpower and hit André Hazes in The Passion

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Tommie Christiaan did not hesitate when he was four months ago, was asked for the role of Jesus in The Passion that the EO and KRO-NCRV Thursday night in Amsterdam Southeast to perform. “Play a role in The Passion was on my bucketlist,” says Tommie. And now he reveals also a number of songs that will come up during the paasevenement.


“I’m a singer and actor. The Passion is for me an excellent opportunity for these two passions to combine. It is a nice project, there are many people look at and it was on my bucketlist. And then I also get the honour to be reviewed, as I say, of course, no to.”

Singer Jeangu Macrooy and rapper Brainpower interpret the roles of the disciples, Judas and Peter. Glennis Grace to play the role of Maria. Mutually consult with each other how they see their role to complete. “Everyone has a different background. Brainpower is completely in his comfort zone as he raps. It is the first time that it is done in The Passion.”


The theme is this year I see you, a theme in the easter story that Tommie really like. “Jesus saw people, even if they were sick or unclean. He was of the opinion that everyone should have. I find it also important to by masks back to prick and to try to discover ’what does someone really do?’”

The numbers in the eighth edition of The Passion must be partly a surprise, but Tommie wants to lift a corner of the veil. As he sings, ” well of muziekduo Dress!. With the choir that is specifically cast in the Bijlmer sings Tommie the song Dream, dare, and part of Marco Borsato. Also I fall of Wudstik is on the program.


Tommie: “Jesus, Judas and Peter do a mash-up. In this mash-up are the songs Who has the sun out of your face taken by Herman van Veen, I live my own life of Andre Hazes, a own written rap of Brainpower.” Good songs and good music are the basis for the continued popularity of The Passion, suspect Tommie. “Speaking of numbers get in The Passion a different meaning. We live in a ‘music land’. First of all, it is a timeless story that many people can relate to.”

An extra storyline this year is the role of the bloedvloeiende woman, played by Graziëlla Hunsel Rivero. During this part, which is about the healing of the woman as she of the robe of Jesus to touch, sings Tommie a duet with the jazz singer.

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