Mother crashes car to have children to prove that God exists

b7ba63602e11aa86ee2123c67f4e45c0 - Mother crashes car to have children to prove that God exists

Norcross – An American mother would have her car with her two children about having to crash to prove that God exists. This explained the mother, the 25-year-old Bakari and Warren, after the ’accident’.

The crash(left) and Bakari Warren (right).

Wednesday morning, crashed the car in Norcross, located in the U.s. state of Georgia. Her children, 5 and 7 years old, told hereafter to the police that their mother they wanted to show that God really exists. Their statements have been recorded on picture.

’I love God’

The woman drove right on a concrete pole. “Do you think they deliberately did it”, asks an agent to the children. “Yes, because they turned the car. Her eyes were closed and she said, ’Bla, bla, bla, I love God,” said a daughter on the images that are in the possession of the local station WSB-TV. “She didn’t want that, he accidentally got. They wanted us only to know that God is real.”

The mother told the police that they had just before the accident against her children has said that their belts had to pin. Warren was immediately arrested when her car left. In the first instance, ” the mother said that they put something on Facebook to the check-in was, then told them the real story.

“Had worse can walk’

No one was injured in the accident, but according to the police had it much worse off. If the car is something else the pole had been touched, this causes much more damage.

Warren is now fixed. Her bail is set at 22.000 dollar, so 17.800 euro. Her children are staying temporarily with their grandparents.

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