Man is practicing breath under water and drowns

633c7b4306303d0c61d0cb425959ef13 - Man is practicing breath under water and drowns

KEARNS – A man Saturday who drowned in a swimming pool in the Us state of Utah while he was trying to get a long time hold his breath under water. Lifeguards on the spot knew that the man, 39-year-old Gabriel Crowther this practice was, and took, therefore, not immediately.

Something for 09.00 hours in the morning local time, the incident in the pool at the Kearns Oquirrh Park Fitness Center in Kearns. Eventually, the man was by lifeguards from the water extracted and resuscitated. Although the emergency services on the spot came, died Crowther on the spot.

According to the American police, these incidents are not very common. “That is the risk you run if you do that,” said the local police chief Brian Lohrke.

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