Lindsay and Laura Lynn at The pop music festival 2019

712a90726207359857546a345fb115ce - Lindsay and Laura Lynn at The pop music festival 2019

The first pop music festival-weekend in the Hasselt Ethias Arena. Time for the organisers to be the first artists to make known for The pop music festival 2019 and that his two female valves: Laura Lynn and Lindsay. The two leading ladies of the Flemish showbizz sprokkelden a nice collection of gold and platinum albums together and on Friday 29, Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 march 2019 to be a guest at The pop music festival 2019. At each show, there are dansplaatsen on the interior space between the stage and catwalk. On Friday and Sunday, there are seats for the catwalk. Saturday that pitches. From now on, the tickets are ordered. or by phone at 070/345.345 (Max. €0.30/Min). Who for the end of april to order, enjoy an exclusive early booking discount.

Radio 2 made Sunday afternoon for the first live radio from The Schlagerfestival in Hasselt. In his ‘Between pot and Pinte’broadcast brought Marc Pinte between 13.00 and 16.00 a footage and interviews. During his direct radio broadcast he made also the first artists known for The pop music festival 2019: Lindsay and Laura Lynn. “After all these years, it remains a great feeling when you are invited to The pop festival. The start of my career was also the start of the festival. A match made in heaven, because that feeling you experience when you for thousands of people you songs sings, and all the people singing along from the first to the last note. Fabulous,” says Laura Lynn, who is currently busy in the studio with the recordings for a new album.

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