Koeman: ‘Who am I to Sven Kramer to refuse?’

7c99e32f012bdd5433008e4ae114bb53 - Koeman: 'Who am I to Sven Kramer to refuse?'

The closed training of the Dutch team was Saturday followed by a special viewer.

Ronald Koeman (archive view)

“Sven Kramer is with us all along been,” said coach Ronald Koeman in the run-up to the practice duel with Portugal.

“His sister Brecht is a member of the KNVB and had very kindly asked if Sven the training should visit. Who am I to be against a many-fold medaillewinaar to say that he is not welcome because it decided?”, smiled Koeman.

The coach confirmed that he think about it to occasionally be light on the road that someone from a different sport. “But for the time being is that now is still not the case.”

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