’Joey’ sees the reunion of Friends not sit

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Despite the fact that medespeelster Jennifer Aniston last month alluded to a reunion, Matt Leblanc, all the hopes of the fans, the ground is drilled by to say that there really is not in it.

“I don’t want to do, as simple as that,” said Matt, who played the role performed by Joey Tribiani opposite Femail. He continues: “People want to know what happened to them, but it was around a period in a person’s life after a study, before you go coops and children. Meanwhile, would the characters been a bit further in their life.”

It adds Matt: “put Bluntly, I don’t think anyone is waiting on an old Joey who is a darmonderzoek sets.”

The 50-year-old actor is convinced that the characters should remain as it was, when they were young. He ended by saying: “Normally I would never say that it never is, but in the case of Friends I would definitely say ‘never’.”

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