’Headlights new cars a danger for other drivers’

217f6da78a6bc87ea0b6d739a19c5bdc - ’Headlights new cars a danger for other drivers’

LONDON – The headlights of some new cars are a big hazard for other drivers, it is evident from British research. After being blinded by the headlights it takes up to ten seconds before the hit director once again full can see. A working group of the United Nations is going to investigate the new koplamptechnologie.

In a study by the RAC (Royal Automobile Club), a sister organisation the ANWB, indicates that two-thirds of all motorists regularly get blinded by headlights of an oncoming car. 67 percent of the subjects said, moreover, that the to five seconds can take only 90 percent of the mountain is back. Then it takes another 5 seconds before she will be fully able to look.

The RAC (Royal Automobile Club) says that the progress in the koplamptechnologie is causing the problem. Led and laserkoplampen snatch. They offer the driver much better visibility than the conventional halogen lamps. In addition, more and more new cars now have technology that glare of other road users can occur. These systems, however, work only during the drive with great light. The lamps shut off automatically return to low beam.


About 15 percent of the surveyed directors testified at least once at an accident to have escaped, after by the headlights of another motorist is blinded to have been.

“The intensity and brightness of some new headlamps provide clear problems for other motorists,” said RAC spokesperson of road safety, Pete Williams. “The koplamptechnologie the last few years significantly improved, but although that might be better is for the directors of those specific vehicles, it brings an unwanted, new verkeersveiligheidsrisico for others.”

A UN working group looking at the problem from the headlights. The subject at the next meeting.

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