Has Stormy Daniels evidence of affair with Trump?

5cd0f972b6d088ead6fbd390ef774c9e - Has Stormy Daniels evidence of affair with Trump?

The lawyer Stephanie Clifford, who as a porno the name Stormy Daniels, says evidence of an affair between his client and the American president Donald Trump. That said the lawyer, Michael Avenatti, on the eve of an interview by CBS with Clifford.

Avenatti put on Twitter a photo with a cd or dvd with the message: “If a picture is worth more than 1,000 words, how much is this worth???’.

On the channel CNN said Avenatti that the picture is a warning for Trump and his team was. The interview is Sunday night, local time, broadcast.

Stephanie Clifford claims that in 2006 an affair with Trump, but the president denies that. Trumps lawyer Michael Cohen closed for the presidential election of 2016, an agreement with Clifford: he paid her to 130,000 dollars in exchange for her silence. Clifford now performs that this agreement is not valid because Trump themselves, they are not signed. They went to a court in California.

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