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Harry car-coats had just before his fiftieth enough of the action and disappeared from the spotlight. He is now 66 and is thoroughly enjoying his comeback, as a comedian and as a singer with his Small Orchestra. “Everyone calls that you highlight must stop; I did that in 2001 actually done. I was playing really was, then you should just stop.”

Harry Raincoats, Car Coats

That ’even’ was fifteen years old. “Maybe vergroei otherwise you with your box. Then it becomes a routinekwestie, I didn’t want that. Now again I’m really a lot of fun on stage; everyone also says that I project that.” It was not the fame or the applause that the Dude was missing. “I missed more of the work together with a group of people, in this case with a band. I found it a bit boring to be without that artiestenritme. It is a way of life that to me very well, I call it the ” indoor roam’. You come very briefly on a visit to nice people all over the country, and then you go back to the house. It is a luxury to have such a beautiful life to have.”

The enthusiasm when car-coats his comeback announced was “bovenverwachting. I was wondering how hard it would be to go. But everyone was right again meaning: the theatres, the audience.” It’s weird to see that the comedian is now a kind of iconic status it has received. “I am really something accustomed: with Small Orchestra, we were sometimes for tens of thousands of people, alone and I got to the circus Theatre and Luxor weeks sold out. But now it feels like I’m almost honored word. People know all the lyrics out of their heads.”

Text tattooed

That pop-like adoration is hanging more with his songs than with his cabaretprogramma, think car coats. “Music makes it more loose than cabaret, I notice. A joke makes people laugh, sometimes we remember a quote. But music means so much more. People come up after the program with a Small Orchestra really crying to me: what a good thing that you Live the hippo sang, to which I have all my life long support! People have the actual texts on their bodies tattooed; last a man I love me on his arm. This is new for me.”

The song, O O Den Haag remains a special status in his oeuvre. “I’m not at all concerned with what of me remains. That will give me really a concern; everything I do, I do because I have the here and now, for the fun of it.” But the status of this evergreen has, he is no longer in the hand. “Songs are living longer than the people that they have made. O O Den Haag has a particular chord had been touched, as, for example, On the canals of Amsterdam. Where I play, there are always Hagenezen in the room who lustily sing along. That song everyone knows even if Harry raincoats, car coats already for a long time, forget it.”

Body tracking

The action is the 66-year-old comedian is heavier than in the past. The Dude notices that he is very aware of his condition must be working to keep going. “In the past, I was never at the gym; I smoked, I zoop a lot. Smoking I do not, drinking more sparingly. And I go to the gym; I had to have my arm muscles again shake up for the guitar.”

In addition, car-coats, many on the mountain bike. “My return to the stage is a good opportunity to get some more attention to my body to spend than in the past. And also to keep track of. If you are alone on a small island in Spain is, as I fifteen years have done, you quickly get the tendency to think: what does it really matter how I look.”

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